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This year we have partnered with RAPDASA and the Institute of Inventors and Innovators to launch our 3rd Annual 3D Design Competition. It is aimed at children aged 4 – 16 years. Applications are split into two age categories – either the younger category (4-9 years old) or older (10-16 years old).

The theme of our competition this year is to solve a community problem. This could be solving the problem of access to technology, improving sanitation of water, dealing with environmental issues or providing better, more accessible healthcare. These examples are meant to spark our young innovators, inventors and makers imaginations so that they can start designing a solution to improve the lives of people in their communities or in communities that may be underserviced.

4-9 year old category:

Children in this category are not required to use any specific 3D design skills; all they need to do is to make their designs from any type materials, take a few photos and add a short description.

10 – 16 year old category:

If you fall in this category, you should try to use some 3D design skills but these are not compulsory as longs as the design is comprehensive and you give a good explanation as to how your design can solve a community problem.

Some of the 3D design skills you can use include:

Using 3D design software like Happy3D

Drawing the design in 3D and then building it from whatever materials you have available

Building the design in 3D with whatever materials you have available.

The winner for each category will receive some amazing prizes and the Top 3 winners in each age group will also receive one on one mentorship from a member of the Institute of Inventors and Innovators and/or Why Toyz on how to turn their innovative ideas into reality. In addition, the winner in the older age group can attend this year’s Annual RAPDASA Conference in Pretoria.

Should you need more details please contact us on We are thrilled to see your submission.

Competition closes on the 31st of August.

Rules of the competition:

Be creative, think outside the box and have fun!

You will be contacted should you win.

You may be asked to have your photo taken and your project may be shared.

No group work. This is an individual project.

You do not need to use any of the 3D modelling software, unless you have access. Happy3D is free to use and download and can be used on a tablet or smart phone, as well as a PC.

No idea is too big or too small. There are no right answers.

Mentorship is provided free of charge, but if location is far, may need to be done online.