Lithophane Challenge

September 11, 2020| kaylene@solidcode.co.za|

We often get asked how to make a quality 3d printed lithophane. So here are a few of our tricks and 5 steps to follow but as you know 3d printing is all about getting involved and finetuning. So take your time and have loads of fun! Firstly, what is a lithophane? A lithophane is a 3d printed photograph that is converted from an image into a 3d file format and is then printed on a 3d printer. When a light source is placed behind the lithophane, a beautiful black and white picture appears as if by magic! 5 Steps to 3D print your own litophane Step 1 – choose the right picture: Choose a suitable picture to convert. This is a really important step. You need to choose a picture that has a high enough quality that can be converted into a 3d file. You also want to choose…    read more 

Why is it important to develop fine motor skills?

“Fine motor skills are those that involve a refined use of the small muscles which control the hand, fingers and thumb. With the development of these skills, a child is able to complete important tasks such as writing, feeding oneself, buttoning and zippering. These abilities gradually develop through experience and exposure to a variety of toys, materials and even foods.”

The Importance of a Routine for your Children

The Journal of Family Psychology released an article in 2002 named, A Review of 50 Years of Research on Naturally Occurring Family Routines and Rituals: Cause for Celebration? The article was written by Barbara H. Fiese, Thomas J. Tomcho, Michael Douglas, Kimberly Josephs, Scott Poltrock, and Tim Baker for Syracuse University.

How to Bond With Your Children

A very wise lady once told me: “It isn’t enough that we tell our children we love them. We need to put our love into action every day for them to feel it.” This small statement has changed the way I look at relationships. Not only parent-child relationships, but all relationships in general. For me, it is a very powerful thing. This also has a lot to do with bonding with your children.

The Importance of Bonding with your Children

One of the very first things that you are told when finding out that you are expecting a child, usually goes something like this: “You have to start bonding with your baby.” This is not only being said to the mothers, but also to the fathers. Unfortunately, for most people, they do not know how or why to bond with their children. It might sound a bit strange, I mean, how can you not know how or why to bond with your child? There are so many answers to this very question!

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