Car Track

This World was set up for the whole family to have fun! We have mad a few cool additions like connecting one of the Car Track pieces to a Hot Wheel track so your kids imagination can expand further…

The following sets are recommended to print together:

Straight 4 pcs (14 hrs 15 min)

Ramp up 2 pcs (7 hrs 49 min)

Ramp down 2 pcs (7 hrs 35 min)

Bend 25 degree 2 pcs (7 hrs 13 min)

Tunnel (6 hrs 26 min)

Clips 20 pcs (2 hrs 6 min)

If you are a Hot Wheels fan we have also prepared the following tracks:

Hot Wheels Straight piece (3 hrs 31 min)

Hot Wheels joiner 4 pcs (1 hr 2 min)

R 149.00 – Purchase Includes 15% tax