We have something for boys and that includes the “little boy” inside your husband 😉
These trucks are a great bonding exercise between kids and parents (yes, moms will have lots of fun too). Kids love putting things together and taking them apart and these trucks are designed to do exactly that! We have prepared screws, bearings and the right type of Allen key for you to get going and involve your kids in the process. You will have lots of fun together and your kids hours of entertainment.

Fine motor skills, problem solving and analytical thinking sit at the core of this World. And remember to let your kids watch our edutainment video about all our trucks on the move 😉

We recommend you download the following sets:

Truck Front Body and Clips

Chassis set

Wheels set

Farm Truck Body

Farm Truck Milk and Egg set

Cement Truck and Clips

Dump Truck and Clips

Container and Lid

Digger Body

Digger Arms and Scoop and Mount bearing