Why Toyz ignites the love for making, problem solving and creative thinking in a new generation of kids. We want more kids to become creators and not only consumers.

Our team of specialists prepares pedagogically appropriate activities that can be 3D printed straight from our mobile app and are aligned to the CAPS / Cambridge curriculum as well as developmental milestones for kids ages 3 to 8 years old

Developing Critical Skills & Capabilities

Our fun educational concepts (called the Worlds) encourage meaningful learning through interaction, exploration and experimentation. Each World is analysed for its developmental potential and where appropriate, the activities are adaptable for older or younger age groups, to provide more appropriate challenges. We use our Worlds to enhance the foundational developmental skills including but not limited to: sensory development, fine motor development, cognitive and perceptual development, language development, gross motor development and emotional/social development.

Skills like decision making, problem solving, critical thinking, analysis and many others can also be encouraged through the level of engagement a teacher or caregiver has with their child when building and playing with Why Toyz Worlds. These are assimilated skills we would like to encourage in our younger generation as they are the skills needed for them to succeed as innovators in their future.


Design Thinking & Creating


Our design thinking process focuses on getting kids to collaborate, see a problem from different perspectives, be optimistic, develop grit because failure isn’t a bad thing but rather a journey filled with experimentation and iteration to get “it” right. In addition, schools get the chance to be part of our exciting challenges where they can share and make a greater impact on children’s lives.

Join our progressive school community that already implemented Why Toyz Worlds

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