We often get asked how to make a quality 3d printed lithophane. So here are a few of our tricks and 5 steps to follow but as you know 3d printing is all about getting involved and finetuning. So take your time and have loads of fun! Firstly, what is a lithophane? A lithophane is a 3d printed photograph that is converted from an image into a 3d file format and is then printed on a 3d printer. When a light source is placed behind the lithophane, a beautiful black and white picture appears as if by magic! 5 Steps to 3D print your own litophane Step 1 – choose the right picture: Choose a suitable picture to convert. This is a really important step. You need to choose a picture that has a high enough quality that can be converted into a 3d file. You also want to choose…    read more