How do the Worlds work?

January 10, 2019| Jon

Most of the children questions start with Why? Very often to find a suitable answer that a kid can understand well, learn from it and relate to is not simple. It is for this reason, that each Why concept was carefully designed with a team of child psychologists, occupational therapists, educators, researchers and of course moms to develop games and tools focusing on different areas such as business, environment, science, engineering, society and general knowledge. These concepts or what we called the “Worlds” are tied to key developmental areas relevant to skills for the future. All one needs to do is 3D print these at home or at school. We have prepared a set of videos explaining these concepts to the kids in a suitable language and a playful environemtn. Parents, care-givers or educators are further encouraged to elaborate on these stories to awaken a child’s and even their own curiosity some more 😉

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