How much electricity does the Why Toyz 3D printer uses?

January 10, 2019| Jon

The FlashForge 3D printer doesn’t use that much electricity – it is almost the same as if you had a radio on during the time of print.

Please refer to the table below to get an idea about costs and consumption.


Calculating energy consumption per print Calculating filament usage per print
Printer power rating (W) 65 Filament cost per m R0,97
Hours of printing (h) 0,2 Rand to dollar exchange 13,9
Kwh 0,013 Price per meter (USD) $0,07
Energy price /Kwh (Rand) R0,92 Total meters printer 0,61
Price for print (Rand) R0,01 Total cost of filament printed R0,59
Total cost of print – electricity + filament R0,61
 (excl. printer and other costs)
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