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Enabling children to build their own educational toys.
Why Toyz

What makes Why Toyz really awesome, especially for anyone starting with 3D printing, is the ease of use – with one click you can 3D print our educational content straight from your phone!

The steps are straight forward and available on our app:

  1. Download our mobile app from the Play store and website
  2. Purchase a Why? Toyz subscription.
  3. Register and create a profile for yourself or your child / children
  4. Choose what content you want to print from our library of Worlds
  5. Connect to your printer by inserting a correct IP address that you find on your printer in the Info/About Setting section
  6. Press print and review the progress, even if not next to the printer

Our educational guidebooks relevant to each World can also be found on our app. In these workbooks, teachers and parents can find practical examples and activities to enhance the learnings, promote critical skills like analytical and critical thinking and follow developmental areas based on the age groups. In addition, our fun edutainment videos further encourage kids to get the maximum out of our rich content.

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We publish a new exciting World each month, view our exciting range of worlds and don't forget to download the Why Toyz app to enjoy the world of creating, making and learning through play.


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